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These are the pads I ended up making and sending for the swap I just did on craftster. I have just signed up for another swap the "crafty detective swap 4". YAY I am so excited!!!!

I made this dress for Bella using this tute.
I really like it on her. I made it for her to wear to the wiggles (very exciting).

And last but not least, I started uni a couple of weeks ago and the night before the first day I decided that in needed a new bag. I used this tute but made it quite a bit larger so i can fit lots of things inside.

Craft swap and Fabric scraps

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Its been a month and I am posting again! YAY! I don't really know if anyone actually reads this much but I guess I have quite a bit of fun when I can come and look back on things I have posted.
I am doing a swap on Crafster called the "menstrual care package" swap and I am soooooo excited. So far I have crocheted this hot water bottle cover using THIS pattern and made some pads. I have been making pads for myself for a few months now and can never seem to make them exactly right. They work and are comfortable but for some reason I always screw up the stitching so they don't look great. I find is very frustrating and i gets me down!!!!!

I Realized the other day that I have way to much scrap fabric so I decided to make some things with it. First I made some pants for Bronte (they are a bit big but hopefully they will be perfect by winter) pics of back and front.

Then I made this throw type of thing to cuddle up on the lounge. Looks better ironed but kids were using it for a cubby house when i stole it back to take a picture.


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It has been a very long time since I have posted anything. A very very long time. so slack of me. Anyway I thought I would show the Christmas presents that I made for my girls. Firstly I mad a quilt for Annabelle. I appliqu├ęd a fairy on a square and then just kept adding strips of fabric. Lots of fun.

And a picture of it on her bed. I think that the mattress is not straight on the bed which is why it looks all wonky.

For Bronte I made a Waldorf doll. I really did not realize how much wok went into making one of these, and am very impressed with people who make many of them. It is so rewarding seeing Bronte love her so much.