Craft swap and Fabric scraps

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Its been a month and I am posting again! YAY! I don't really know if anyone actually reads this much but I guess I have quite a bit of fun when I can come and look back on things I have posted.
I am doing a swap on Crafster called the "menstrual care package" swap and I am soooooo excited. So far I have crocheted this hot water bottle cover using THIS pattern and made some pads. I have been making pads for myself for a few months now and can never seem to make them exactly right. They work and are comfortable but for some reason I always screw up the stitching so they don't look great. I find is very frustrating and i gets me down!!!!!

I Realized the other day that I have way to much scrap fabric so I decided to make some things with it. First I made some pants for Bronte (they are a bit big but hopefully they will be perfect by winter) pics of back and front.

Then I made this throw type of thing to cuddle up on the lounge. Looks better ironed but kids were using it for a cubby house when i stole it back to take a picture.