New sewing machine!

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I have a new sewing machine and I love it so much! It is a janome DC2101 and as yet it does not have a name ;)
A friend had a baby the other day (a big baby) so I made a little set for him. Oh how I love sewing.

And since it was so much fun sewing on my new machine I decided to make something for Tao



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I have a very lovely friend who does a great thing for my kids so as a small token of appreciation I made her some pads. I used this pattern (which I really really like!)



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Tonight I thought that I should really do some housework but since I am putting my sewing machine in to be serviced tomorrow (and I will miss it), I decided to make Tao a blanket. I just made it up as I went along and it is not perfect, but it is nice and soft. The front is cotton, squares if denim and a big square of minky and it is backed with some Green Batik flannelette.


(Potato is his nick name)

Potato and his apple

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My sewing machine has been having issues (badly needs to be serviced) but I actually managed to get it to zig-zag yesterday so I did a quick appliqué on one of Tao's tops. I really like apple prints and anything to do with apples on fabric so I went with that.



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I  made a SSC (soft structured carrier) to carry my lovely boy around. I used THIS tute. I think I  may have made a few mistakes, but on the whole I am fairly happy with it.

For Sophie (or Eva)

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My friend asked me if I could make a pettiskirt for her little girl. I thought I could have a go, looked at a few pictures then set about working it out! This is the result

Up the skirt


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Still here... still plodding along, but so tired. I think I have now settled into life with three kids and the lack of sleep had caught up with me. So tired.
BUT I have still been doing some sewing and some knitting.
My best friend is pregnant and last week found out she is having a girl so I started knitting her a rainbow dress (NB size). My friend, who already has 2 boys is NOT into pink so I chose some wool that only has a little pink, I hope she likes it!!

I am planing to make her a basket of lovely things, I want to make the bub a tag blanket, a little patchwork type mat/blanket, the rainbow dress and I would also like to have a go at making tikki's Oriental lilly. I thought I would give it to her when she is about 39 weeks pregnant and totally over it, just something nice for her to play with. oh so many plans!!

I had bee noticing that my lovely boy likes to chew and suck on this blankets, and sheets and whatever else he can get his hands on so I made him a little tag blanket that he can chew suck and fiddle with too his hearts content.

I also knitted a Spare Ribs Shoaker. It is so fantastic over a night nappy and was so nice to knit! I used wool from Wooltopia at The yarn Collective. The colourway is called "lemon tree"


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I have a plan....... I asked my sister what she wanted for Christmas (so I can get organised) and she said she would like a simple skirt with big pockets that have cute things appliqued onto them. Well at least she knows what she wants!!! I have been thinking that I might try and make a small version for B before I go big... (well she is not big, not at all, but adult size lol.) Watch this space to see if it happens.........

Back.... Again

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So as usual it has been a very long time since I posted but I shall not give up!!
In the time since I last posted I gave birth to my beautiful boy Tao ( or potato as we have lovingly nicknamed him). He was born in may, during a flood, 4 days before his sisters birthday. He is lovely and gorgeous and loved to bits and pieces by his older sisters (sometimes a little too enthusiastically)!

So since Tao was born I have started knitting!!! I have made him a couple of Milo vests - here is the one I am making at the moment.

I have also made him a few pairs of polar fleece pants

AND I knitted him a pair of longies!!! (Ladybug Loops)
I have really discovered a love for knitting. So many fun patterns out there. I am going to have a go at knitting some things for my girls next. Wish me luck!


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I was recently involved in a baby item swap, and the following is what I made: Some baby shoes:

With matching pants and top:

I also crocheted a little hat:

and made a nappy with a matching hat:

It was great fun to be involved in it. The only thing I don't like is international postage!!!! I would love to do some sort of swap in Australia.

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So, It has been almost a year... very slack of me, but I am back and hopefully I will be much more crafty in the next few months and have more to post!!!
I am now 25 weeks pregnant with my 3rd baby who I found out is a boy!!!! Very exciting and also nerve wracking as I don't think I have ever even changed a boys nappy.... It will be a learning experience.
I have finally started to make a few things for the bub and have lots of things in mind! Firstly I made a couple of little nappies - maybe they are a little girly, but I all ready had the fabric.

I also made a couple of little wraps with cute little frogs on them.

I have much more to do...... But at least I have started!! I am also taking part in a swap on craftester called the "Shape, colour, texture swap". We have to craft 3 items one for each category. My partners shape is Round, colour is Yellow and texture is Hard. Once I have finished her items off and posted them I will put up some pics of what I have or am in the process of making!