skirts skirts and more skirts

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According to Annabelle you can't be a princess if you don't have a skirt. I tried to show her pictures of princes in pants, but apparently that doesn't matter. So i made some skirts. Bad photo but nice twirl... lol

Bronte in her skirt (playing peek-a-boo)

dress and action shot

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I wanted to make a dress for Annabelle out of an old t shirt so I went hunting in my local op shops. I had in my head that i was going to find one with skulls or something equally outrageous for a 4 year old but had no luck. I think it had something to do with the op shops being run by churches. Just a guess.... Any way I came across a Che Guevara and decided it would be a good dress. So i chopped it up, added a ruffle, sleeves and neck. Annabelle loves it.

A shot of her in the skirt.
I tried to get the pic of her twirling but my camera is crap.

a long time

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It has been a very long time since I have posted anything. over 4 months in fact. Shame on me!!!!
Recently I have been making Annabelle some clothes for summer. Yes I know its still winter but got to be organised ; ). The first one is a kind of dress/top for Bella to wear over her swimmers.

I love this skirt. I got the pattern from here
Annabelle loves to dance in the skirt. I will post some action shots later (batteries just died on camera!)

The only problem with making summer clothes in winter is convincing your child not to wear them yet as they will freeze. We have been getting into the dresses over long pants look as a compromise. I have made a few other things but I will have to wait till my camera is up and running, so.... Watch this space!!