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I have a very lovely friend who does a great thing for my kids so as a small token of appreciation I made her some pads. I used this pattern (which I really really like!)



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Tonight I thought that I should really do some housework but since I am putting my sewing machine in to be serviced tomorrow (and I will miss it), I decided to make Tao a blanket. I just made it up as I went along and it is not perfect, but it is nice and soft. The front is cotton, squares if denim and a big square of minky and it is backed with some Green Batik flannelette.


(Potato is his nick name)

Potato and his apple

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My sewing machine has been having issues (badly needs to be serviced) but I actually managed to get it to zig-zag yesterday so I did a quick appliqué on one of Tao's tops. I really like apple prints and anything to do with apples on fabric so I went with that.