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Still here... still plodding along, but so tired. I think I have now settled into life with three kids and the lack of sleep had caught up with me. So tired.
BUT I have still been doing some sewing and some knitting.
My best friend is pregnant and last week found out she is having a girl so I started knitting her a rainbow dress (NB size). My friend, who already has 2 boys is NOT into pink so I chose some wool that only has a little pink, I hope she likes it!!

I am planing to make her a basket of lovely things, I want to make the bub a tag blanket, a little patchwork type mat/blanket, the rainbow dress and I would also like to have a go at making tikki's Oriental lilly. I thought I would give it to her when she is about 39 weeks pregnant and totally over it, just something nice for her to play with. oh so many plans!!

I had bee noticing that my lovely boy likes to chew and suck on this blankets, and sheets and whatever else he can get his hands on so I made him a little tag blanket that he can chew suck and fiddle with too his hearts content.

I also knitted a Spare Ribs Shoaker. It is so fantastic over a night nappy and was so nice to knit! I used wool from Wooltopia at The yarn Collective. The colourway is called "lemon tree"