Knitted and Stitched

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Just a few little things. Firstly a Pinwheel beanie for little Sahara. It is to go with the Oriental Lily dress that I knitted for her.

I knitted Tao an Eden and had my first try at duplicate stitch. Although it is not perfect I really like it :). I love autumn leaves and the image of bare trees at the moment.

My eldest daughter was invited to a 6th birthday party last weekend so in my usually last min style I made a little skirt as a present (I didn't even have a chance to iron it  as you can see)


mmmmmm wool

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I have lots to catch up on - I have been rather busy, but I am going to start with my current favourite crafty obsession which is.........................Dying wool. It has been years since I dyed wool and my latest efforts have produced some rather BRIGHT wool. Next time I will tone it down, but I am rather happy with my fun results.


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I have been making lots of pants and taking crap in a rush type photos of them.









skirts and shorts

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A mother at school asked me if I would  make some clothes for her kids - and since it is my favourite thing to do I said YES! I unfortunately forgot to take pics of a couple of things  but I did take pics of the following.
First she asked if I could turn an elephant dress she had into a more boy style top -So I did that and made a pair of shorts to go along with it

She also gave me a skirt to cut up so I turned it into a small skirt for her daughter

With a cute princess and the pea appliqué . 
I am in the process of making 2 pairs of pants and a cute little dress which is so much fun!

Baby Shower

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My lovely friend who I share a name with is due to have her third baby tomorrow. A few weeks ago she had a baby shower and since she is having a girl after 2 boys I decided to make the bub some cute girly things.

I made her 2 pairs of shoes, appliquéd a singlet and 3 t-shirts, a bundle of wipes, a little skirt and last but not least I knitted an "Oriental Lily" by Tikki Using "purple punk' from Wooly Butts.




Christmas skirts

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Fro christmas I made my mum and daughters skirts to twirl in!